When you enroll in concierge medicine, you are signing up for exclusive monthly healthcare. Concierge medicine offers the benefit of personalized healthcare while in the comfort of your home through telehealth. You get immediate answers to your questions and concerns. With concierge, you’ll have longer appointments so you can relax and talk with the doctor without feeling rushed.

Monthly Concierge Membership start at $149. Please contact for plan options.

Benefits of concierge include:

• Comprehensive annual physicals, urgent care visits and routine wellness visits for dietary, exercise and mental health follow-ups, all with no co-pays

• Convenient and flexible teleheath visits

• Comprehensive coordination of care with some of the best specialist in Arizona & Utah technology-based healthcare customized care plan

Among the many services available through concierge medicine, you can count on:

• Health screenings

• Chronic disease management

• Diabetes education and management

• Treatment of hormonal disorders

• Supervised weight loss

• Stress management

• Medication management

• Mental health treatment

• Lifestyle and nutritional counseling