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What is Functional Medicine?

Think of Functional Medicine as the type of medicine that gets to the root of your problem. Are you tired of going from doctor to doctor and only getting more pills without solutions? If so, you are in the right place.

How can Functional Medicine help me? 

Most Americans take too many medicines to cover up their symptoms. These same medicines can cause terrible side effects while not changing the underlying issues. Functional Medicine has been used in countries like Germany since the 60's to decrease the need for more pills. In many cases the health issues can be resolved or improved dramatically through Functional Medicine.

Who is Dr. David Jensen 

Dr. Jensen is a Family Practice physician (DO) with a knack for finding medical solutions outside the box. His patients love him because they feel not only does he listen to them, but he finds answers and ways of treating things that others don't. As an Osteopathic physician he has spent a great amount of time searching for answers to common health problems that don't always require taking pills. He has done work in addiction, behavioral, and regenerative anti-aging medicine.

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