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Dr Jensen literally saved my husband’s life. Due to our circumstances we were high maintenance. Dr Jensen was very responsive and got us through a very difficult time. We are forever grateful.

Andrea D.

Finding Dr. Jensen and His, has been a Gift from Heaven Above. I contacted Dr. Jensen a couple of months ago when I came down with Covid. The Doctor truly saved my Life and improved my over all Health with his vitamin recommendations . He was concerned , informed, and is a True Healer. I Praise Him to everyone who will listen. I signed up for the Concierge Service and have never been happier.., it is my Best money spent. Dr. Jensen , is prompt, and very informative. It is hard sometimes to find a Doctor who will to talk to you not just at you. Dr. Jensen and his Family are in my Prayers… May GOD Bless Him and All that He Loves

Sharon W.

I received such a seamless professional telehealth today with Dr. Jensen. I know without hesitation, should I become ill, God forbid, I will be in good hands. If you become sick please don’t wait. Thank you Dr.Jensen for helping to save lives.

Terry K.

I had questions and concerns regarding a medical situation. I was getting conflicting information from others in the medical community. A friend suggested I speak with Dr. Jensen. I’m very happy I spoke to him. He was able to give me the answers I needed. He’s very knowledgeable. I appreciated the time he took to answer my questions with compassion. It’s very clear to me that his top priority is helping his patients.

Joseph S.

Known Dr. Jensen now for years. He’s a very straight forward Dr. in his approach to everything he does which is sooooo nice. No BS from him and straight to what’s gonna be the best treatment for me. And he’s an honest man as well, meaning he is more concerned for helping you then lining his pocket. Can’t recommend him enough!

Jon A.

I am so grateful for Dr. Jensen’s help and for his awesome staff! I was referred to Dr. Jensen by a friend while I was incredibly sick. When I called the office and explained my situation, I was given an appointment for later that day. After my appointment and a protocol was decided upon, my prescriptions were called into a pharmacy and I had them in hand that evening. I truly believe that protocol turned things in my favor while I battled that illness. As soon as my husband began to show symptoms, we called Dr. Jensen again and got him treated as well. His symptoms were gone within a couple days. We are so grateful for the caring staff who got us scheduled right away and took our situation seriously and always answered my questions and concerns. We are so grateful for Dr. Jensen and his willingness to help and his knowledge and study of how to treat the illness we had and its variants. I recommend this practice and Dr. Jensen to people all the time and I will continue to do so every opportunity I get.

Melanie A.

Dr. Jensen is very knowledgeable and professional. Getting an appointment was easy and quick. I couldn’t ask for an easier and smoother experience with a doctor. Highly recommend him!

S S.

Dr. Jensen and his staff were amazing. Thank goodness there are doctors still out there like him. I feel lucky to have found him and I couldn’t have had a better experience. I called from Utah and was promptly put on the schedule and given a call back time. Dr. Jensen called and addressed all my concerns and questions. He is kind, very knowledgable and he is standing up for medical freedom even when it’s not popular. He truly cares about people’s health. His prescriptions and suggestions were game changers, so much so that I had my husband call in, and also got prescriptions for my children to have on hand. Dr. Jensen is providing a service that is invaluable. I hope he knows how grateful we are for his willingness to offer these options. Thank you!

Tanya K.

When my husband and I were diagnosed with Covid, we know that we needed some help. Dr. Jensen was recommended to us by a friend. Dr. Jensen’s office staff promptly put us on the schedule for the next day. We met with Dr. Jensen via phone. He answered all of our questions and provided the treatment we needed. We were so impressed that we scheduled appointments for our children the next day. We highly recommend Dr. Jensen to anyone looking for preventative or treatment of Covid. We already have improved symptoms after taking the treatment for 24 hours.

Jessica S.

I made an appointment with Dr. Jensen when I found out I had covid because I liked that he was not afraid to use alternative Therapies. He knows what works. He is kind and thorough.

Maryse R.

Just finished up a tele-pointment from Utah with Dr. Jensen. He respects our medical freedom and helped us to get a prescription of Ivermectin to treat COVID. We were able to schedule an appointment for the very next day. Very happy to have found Dr. Jensen and will recommend him to any anyone who is interested in Ivermectin as a COVID treatment/prevention. I am lucky that there are doctors like him who are willing to prescribe treatments that have been demonized unfairly. Just filled my prescription so I can’t comment upon the effectiveness of the treatment, but I’m hopeful and grateful that I was enabled to make my own treatment choice with Dr. Jensen’s help.

Riley W.

Dr. Jensen came highly recommended to me and I’m now doing the same favor to others! He is prompt and professional while being friendly and taking all the time to answer every question. He was very thorough in doing a health screening and carefully gathering info on your medications and lifestyle. He gave professional advice and explained why – he spoke with us, not at us. I was impressed and will continue to pass his contact info on to all my friends and family members.

Deborah B.

I contracted COVID and it was almost 8 days to find Doctor Jenson or anyone who would help me. I’m 64 over weight but normally very healthy.When I lost my since of taste and smell I knew it was COVID . I have never been so sick in my life and I’m an ovarian cancer survivor! Pulsox was around 84 had oxygen brought in. I talk to Dr. Jesion started me on Hydroxychloroquine , ivermectin and doxycycline plus zinc, d , vitamin C plus a year supply ivermectin . It took maybe 5 days when I was finishing up and started to feel normal again. Still slow moving and still clearing out my lungs . I truly believe if I could have got to the right Doctor I would have not suffered as much as I did. I strongly suggested you talk to these doctors and be ready when you get COVID early treatment is the real key . Thank you Dr. Jenson! really believe you probably saved my life and my husband’s! I don’t know what is in the vaccine but I know the history of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and I know my body’s ability to fight so this is the route I truly believe is best to beat COVID!

Della K.

About 3 weeks ago my wife experienced signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19. On Friday we spoke with Dr. Jensen and he did a telephonic exam and history for both of us. Since my wife was involved with the infection, she was prescibe a therapeutic regimen from a local compounding pharmacy as treatment which I picked up on Saturday. It lasted approximately one week. Both she and I were then prescribed prophylactic [preventive] doses of twelve months for any future episodes. Neither of us have nor will be “vaccinated” for this virus. I am convinced that if the sickness had been allowed to progress, she would have been admitted to the hospital and then: Who knows what? We were very impressed with Dr. Jensen’s handling of her treatment as she is nearly recovered.

Richard D.

Dr. Jensen’s telemedicine treatment is awesome. My consultation and evaluation was thorough and he spent plenty of time with me to answer all of my questions. I have been having symptoms from chemtrails and most likely shedding effects from the vaccinated. He prescribed Ivermectin and Hydroxycloroquine as a weekly maintenance dose, and my headaches, swollen glands and aching in my bronchial tubes are almost gone after only 4 days of taking these prescriptions. Dr. Jensen is a godsend for those wanting to get these legal medicines that are hard to find. Thank you, Dr. Jensen for caring and providing treatment that works. I have already passed your information out to several of my friends in need. May all of your great work be returned to you in blessings a thousand fold.

Lanaiya K.

As I’m sure, everyone else is experiencing these times with stress and concern with everything that is going on with the ‘V’ , and whatever else is being rained down on our heads. I am SO grateful for Dr. Jensen and his sweet, beautiful receptionist Ellen!! I have done her job…what a Gem!! She efficiently returned my phone call, and scheduled a next day phone consultation with Dr. Jensen! The paperwork via email was very easy to navigate, which I personally appreciated! I spoke with Dr. Jensen the next day. In all of this craziness it felt so good to have some validation and some immediate help for all of this! With a few questions and some conversation and MUCH understanding, Dr. Jensen responded with quick effective action and took care of me immediately! Thank you Dr. Jensen, Ellen and Staff!!!

Sherry S.

Terrific staff and wonderful doctor! I felt like they all truly cared, and they made everything simple for me. I highly recommend Dr. Jensen and his staff!!

Robert S.

Our experience with Dr. Jensen was perfect. Our appointment was scheduled quickly. He was easy to talk to, gave us plenty of time, and answered all of our questions. His response to our needs was quick and professional. We give our highest recommendation!

Katie C.

I’ve been looking for over a year to find a doctor who believes in ivermectin. I was so blessed to find Dr. Jensen. I left a message and his office staff called me back the same day and I had an appointment set up 3 days later. He is an answer to my prayers!

Renee W.

Dr. Jensen is very knowledgeable and caring. He listens and addresses health concerns thoroughly and both my husband and I are extremely grateful that we managed to find him for our Doctor. Highly recommended!

Pam J.

Last year I tested positive for Covid and I went to three doctors and none would help. They said there was nothing they could give me and to go to the hospital if I began having trouble breathing. This year my husband tested positive for Covid and we found Dr. Jensen who listened, understood, and prescribed medication to ease the effects of Covid. Thank goodness for people like Dr. Jensen!

Lori G.

My appointment with Dr. Jensen was such a wonderful experience. He was very knowledgeable, caring and personable. I highly recommend him!

Rachel J.

I have been looking for a Dr like him for a LONG time. He listens & helps you figure things out. He doesn’t talk down to you & he genuinely wants to help you! 100% satisfied!

Judy M.

We are so happy to have found Dr Jensen. Our family had covid and the doctor prescribed the meds we needed to get us through the virus. He’s caring and listens to his patients. Dr Jensen explains everything in a way that’s easy to understand. I’ve referred many friends and family to Dr Jensen. Ellen his assistant is very helpful and always returns my calls promptly.

Lori S.

It was so refreshing to call Dr. Jensen and speak to an informed human. Thank you Ellen for answering our call and walking us through the patient process. The concierge medical service my husband I received was certainly five stars. We concluded our call with a proactive action plan and less fear of Covid 19. Dr. Jensen is calm, knowledgeable, professional, kind and caring. Those qualities are becoming harder to find in a world where we are losing our medical freedoms.

Heidi C.

Dr. David Jensen is a very caring doctor and willing to answer questions and concerns you might have. His natural approach to healthcare is exactly what I was looking for. Dr David is concerned about your wellness, not just a dollar sign. I have not hesitated to recommend him, and learn more about taking control of my health via functional medicine protocol. THANK YOU!!!

Lynn S.

Dr. Jensen was fantastic! He is a doctor that truly cares about the health and well being of all his patients.

Richard R.

I reached out to the office by phone and had timely and prompt response. Dr. Jensen is extremely well-informed, compassionate and answered all of our questions. Highly recommend him for any COVID -19 concerns! Thank you.

Elizabeth O.

Dr Jensen helped me understand how theraputics offer the best option for prevention. Very helpful & very hopeful. Thank You

Bill F.

Dr. Jensen was very informative and knowledgeable. If you or anyone is dealing with long haul Covid or is this in the beginning stages of the disease call him right away.

Michael G.

Talking with Dr. Jensen was easy and comfortable. He is very knowledgeable and open with it. His goal for sure is to provide help that will protect you as much as possible from Covid. But he answered other questions for me also. GREAT EXPERIENCE!

Karen S.

Dr Jensen is easy to work with, he is currently helping my wife and I with a medication routine to avoid Covid without taking the vaccine, our preferred choice. We have recommended him to family and friends. Thank you Dr. Jensen

B S.

Dr. Jensen was so personable yet professional. He took time to answer all of our questions. The treatment he prescribed for our family was perfect. Dr. Jensen is a true hero in my eyes!

Robyn L.

Dr Jensen is one of the most honest persons I have dealt with. He returned my phone call within 20 minutes and was able to prescribe medication for COVID-19 that helped immediately and kept us out of the hospital or getting really sick. Thank you Dr Jensen!!!

Rob L.

I emailed Dr. Jensen with some COVID questions and he followed up with a personal phone call to make sure I was healthy. He is an advocate of honesty and integrity in the medical field. He has a passion to help us all deal with the confusion of COVID. I would highly recommend this practice and doctor.

Kathy S.

He seems like a genuine caring doctor. I requested an unpaid inquiry for information and I still spoke with the doctor. That’s next level

Joshua U.